Across my Desk – NOV Viaduct Visions

CITY of VANCOUVER – see all the project submissions online


in response to a call for conceptual visions for redevelopment of the
Dunsmuir Viaduct and Eastern Core 

I was asked to collaborate on a project for a bright new architectural team in Vancouver, two large paintings that create a VERY imaginative vision of redevelopment in the East Van corridor for the City of Vancouver submission … There was some final changes to the original paintings to comform with their architectural vision, but it was a really fun project and I look forward to more creative work in the future with OAO.

The architects provided me with scale mock up prints from their digital conceptual 3D imaging. Style and specific photos references were also provided, for me to recreate the detailed buildings, bridges and tower treatments.

After detailed pencil sketches were reviewed for approval – these were later used to trasfer the final layout to the prepared canvas.

The size of the paintings was 18″ x 36″

There was a lot of paper and prints around my desk for the duration.



To view the full final architectural submission from OAO visit  Vancouver City RE: CONNECT






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