8:am hallstand – morning light.

hallstand – morning light.

we don’t technically have a hall…but front and center at the entry is this old dark oak piece.
It has held everything from hats, kids snowsuits to wedding clothes and is a place to drop whatever is at hand.

at present my dirty old garden gloves and cell phone.

the twisted cane wreath went up one christmas and never came down.

working on this drawing I was thinking of all the folks, and eras that have made use of this article. It is probably about 80-100 years old. lacy sunday gloves, walking sticks and dapper mens fedoras from another time.

my house is a new space created with old and salvaged materials. I designed and built it in 1992. The leaded cherry windows are from a distinguished residence that was torn down – circa 1910. Same with the oak stair treads from another home. I love having these salvage materials as part of my surroundings. They have seen views and held footsteps in another time – and now become part of our lives.


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