En Plein Air

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One of the joys and passions of my creative practice is to paint & sketch on location. En Plein Air – is a French expression which means “in the open air”. Monet, Pissaro and Renior were some of the original plein air artists and there is a growing tribe of artists finding their joy outside and worldwide events and workshops for Plein Air painters.

Personally I find the challenge of working quickly under demanding circumstances changes the marks and style of my work. When I am in the studio working from photos and sketches I tend to get very finnicky and detailed, losing the bold strokes and immediacy of the outside paintings. Besides that I love to watch the light and sky changing, and experience the place.

In the last couple of years I have purchased specialized equiptment and a small pochade box that makes my experience more streamlined and keep it packed and ready to head out at a moments notice.
I live & work in a spectacular corner of the world in the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. For the last several years I have hosted a plein air event every September in partnership with the Town of Gibsons, and as part of the International Plein Air Painters Association WORLDWIDE PAINTOUT.  Artists are welcome to join in, display and sell their work and the public to wander and experience original art-making first hand. To register email Jan or Phone: 604-886-8918
PAINT OUT – Gibsons Landing  Sept 10/11    2016   INFO

A “paint out”  is simply an opportunity for like-minded artists to gather, sketch, paint on location and hang out together. No instruction is provided. I won’t be teaching – but you are welcome to watch and ask questions (to the point where I do not feel distracted…) You can work near each other and chat – or on your own and just connect if you feel inclined. It is nice to gather at the day’s end, eat lunch, compare notes and review the collective results.

Its not a public event – but there may be curious passerbys. Wear headphones if you don’t want to be disturbed. If the weather is crappy we head for cover or go for coffee.

My painting pal Paula O’brien has created a FACEBOOK page for plein air meetup and info about the Sunshine Coast. Post your own time/location or check on what we’re up to.
FACEBOOK group: Sunshine Coast Plein Air & Urban Sketching Group

Most of all….have fun!
It is not about the results but about the experience.