Wind and welfare

Folks here take the weather pretty seriously. They talk about it all the time, everywhere you go. In a place where every other person has or is out on a boat, with some of the most unpredictable waters in the west…it is serious. Fishers, tour operators, charters seem to be the mainstay of the local economy. And it changes every hour. Sitting at the waters edge the clouds were racing by in two distinct layers overhead. Isolated low fluffy and high, thin long stripes of white.
I enjoyed a warm and sunny morning out hiking and sketching, but by 2 pm it was gusting and howling through the open windows in the house. Stole my hat when I got out at the hardware store in Masset, and brought the chill marine cloud down on upon us before you even noticed. Never did get to see Alaska.
Coming to Haida Gwaii I had 3 weeks to do an outdoor art project – and expected there would be isolated days of lighter weather to get the painting and the varnish done. I didn’t schedule anything, so that I could work around the daily elements. I never anticipated it would be done in a 10 days. There was an article in the Observer this week about the driest June and July for a long time. Not only did I get the work done without a hitch – every time I have had the opportunity to go exploring somewhere special, the sun has appeared. I lucked out big time.
thanks again to the Village of Queen Charlotte staffers, for the admin support and the site preparation. Couldn’t have done it without you. And to Bill and Heather Beamish for their generous, relaxed and flexible hospitality. And especially for my roadside studio and wheels. In a place with no buses – there would have been no exploring for me.
Working at home today on the paintings that I have started on location. so far so good.

This is where I got to out on site – before the tide came in and chased me away.

“Leaning tree – Hiellen River. Tow Hill. Haida Gwaii”
9″x12″ acrylic on panel.


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