Village of Queen Charlotte Art Project

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Public art Project

Artist Jan Poynter has been invited by the Village of Queen Charlotte to prepare and paint an original design on one of the central town utility boxes. Jan is also here to share her expertise with local artists and cultural project administrators, with regard to the best and lasting materials for exterior art installations and

the design submission process. As part of the project grant, extra materials and supplies have been provided for 2-3 more boxes.
Artists interested in exterior paint installations or muralswill be provided with information on materials, and developing their design for submission.
The box painting is well underway (near the visitor info center) and will be complete by Wed July 13.Jan will be offering drop in Works-in-Progress sessions in for the week following.

If you don’t get a chance to drop by and talk to Jan during the workshop – a package of information will be available later from the Village of Queen Charlotte office. There will also be a final gathering on, to meet the artist and promote discussion about future projects.

Eric Ross Room Wed July 27     5-8pm

FREE drop-in painting workshops

JULY Thurs 14-15-16-17-Monday 18     2-5pm at the Community Club / Eric Ross room

This is an informal group session. Jan will do a demo of an acrylic or watercolor painting, then spend time with individual students. Bring your Works-in-Progress for direction, tech tips or critiquein Acrylic/Watercolor/Drawing (sorry no Oils please)Please bring your relevant photo references and new ideas too!



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