Two Hill – most fabulous steps in the world

The stairs on Tow Hill
I have seen a lot of trails, paths and walkways all over the world. But never anything like this. You must excuse the mulitple photos of the boardwalk here, but I was seriously blown away with deep appreciation and respect for the trail builders of Tow Hill. Not only the obvious commitment of expense for materials and labour…but the effort and sweat to get so much stuff up such a hill. And to do an exceptional job of it. In this place of mud, moss, roots and rocks to trip you up, you have to watch EVERY step. But I was able to wander up the slope at leisure, gazing above at the trees and birds, each wooden step marked and placed just so. It is amazing. And makes this unique and lovely place in the world safely accessible to many more visitors. Thank you BC Provincial Parks and happy birthday (100 years)

East facing lookout over North Beach stretches away to Rose Point. Many vehicles and folks clamming and crabbing along the hard packed tidal sands. Lots of 4 wheel drive vehicles heading off to explore the streches of beach out and around the point. Nothing but driftwood and beach shrubs facing the sea in front of the forest – for as far as you can see. The Hiellen River mouth and black basalt rock bluffs of Tow Hill break the sweeping stretch of sand.

Lots of the trees are affected with large burls, a mutated growth out the side of the trunk. This happens in isolated areas where many nearby trees will also have burls. (they are beautiful swirls of shimmery wood grain when cut and polished) but I have noticed that in the burl affected areas some trees also have fantastic branch and multiple trunk formations. Kind of a spooky magical forest feeling. Add the moss, old mans beard, mist and shafts of sunlight…and there you have it. Haida Gwaii magic. really somthing hard to photograph. You just had to be there. but there was no one but me – had the place all the myself…didn’t see another person all morning. Was wonderful.

West facing lookout over South Beach – From this platform perched atop the steep cliff you cannot see the rock below you. The flat bogs and forest of the north end of Graham Island stretch away. Salal and roots of windblown spruce cling to and overhang the face of the basalt escarpment. and the round sweep of the beach and bays are outstanding. Nearest Yakan point is the site of one of the oldest and largest middens ( archeological sites of clam shell and village site) on the Queen Charlottes. It is a private area of band land marked from the roadway. also looks like a favorite spot for surfers.


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