Travelling the coast

I live in a pretty spectacular part of the world.This is a daily commute for some of us. We coasters tend to take it a little for granted, riding this huge ship through a deep fiord, sun shining, fluffly clouds and shadows racing. But today even the locals were commenting on the views. With the cool, overcast weather going on for so long, the snow has remained on the peaks much later than usual. It was quite stunning.

So as the sail and motor boaters slipped across the choppy inlet, we got to enjoy one of those perfect West Coast days. Snow on the mountains…sand between your toes. Well okay stones then. We have mostly stone pebble beaches – because of the sheltered inlet. Not enough wave action. When my children were small and we came back here from Australia, my daughter called it a “noisy” beach. Not another soul around that day – I couldn’t understand why she thought it was noisy.

It was the tiny rattling stones being dragged with every pulse of wave – up and back the tidal slope. I think of it as the ocean “breathing”…that lovely pushhhh of water.

Thinking of the thousands of miles of rugged convaluted coastline from here to Prince Rupert and beyond. The pioneers, the fishers and loggers…even back to the first white discovery and charting by Capt’s Cook and Vancouver. ( I learned a lot from the historic mural for the museum) And the people and land before recorded history. The dugout canoes that plied these rough waters. The villages that rose on the shores. Apart from a few town sites and clearings, when you look at these intimidating forested spoles dropping into the sea, not much has changed.

I wait to see what Haida Gwaii will reveal to me. Of its history. Its people, plants and creatures.
And I hear they’ve got sand. lots of sand, and shells and waves. And stuff that washes up from across the great Pacific. Bonus!


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One Response to “Travelling the coast”

  1. Marg Penney July 4, 2011 10:46 am #

    Hi Jan,

    I’ve done that trip you are on now. A couple of years after I moved to the Coast, I drove to Port Hardy and went as a foot passenger up the inside passage and then across to Haida Gwaii. It was spectacular! I know you will enjoy your time there and I’ll keep watching for more news…

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