Towards Tow Hill

thursday – start the day with Cinnamon buns.

I decided to explore only as far as Agate beach. Then come back out to do Tow Hill and area another time – and just drive through what I had already seen. Yeah – good luck with that.

It seems to take me a very long time to get anywhere here in Haida Gwaii. Nothing wrong with the roads or my maps…I just keep stopping to take photos. and looking for likely places to paint.
So don’t ask me if it was 10 minutes drive or 40. I couldn’t tell ya.
this time I made it out past the foot of Tow Hill, to the campground and river mouth of the Hiellen River. Started being low tide – but after an hour painting, I was chased up the bankside by the rising waters edge.
The road to Tow Hill is an adventure unto itself. Like a tall avenue the spruce – large and small – are spiky and menacing, but all the while dripping with fat pelts of moss. the forest floor a green carpet, rolling over fallen logs and stumps. The road widens and narrows between the feet of huge trees, oncoming cars having to wait to pass. Glimpses of the crashing surf and the sound of constant songbirds coming through the window.

Tannin stained rocks and river


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