Toes in the sand

Well OK…boots in the sand. It doesn’t feel much like summer yet on the coast. About 10-15 degrees, and in keeping with the tradition of weather here on Haida Gwaii – wait half an hour and it will change. no wonder it reminds me of Ireland. The same situation of an isolated island at the edge of the sea. The light always changing and the rain not far off.

North Beach _
Did I happen to mention I am very fond of seaweed?… You can keep the shells – I’m the one happily walking along stooped over looking at the piles of shiny, wrinkled, smooth, bumpy and otherwise stuff that has been torn from its sea bed to land here on this windswept sand. you can look back and follow my footsteps from clump to clump. Kelp, eelgrass and all those other ones.(need to do some ID for the others…) they go from dripping and juicy at the edge of the sea through all stages… to dry and sand encrusted things that look like something from Tut’s tomb.


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