Thursday PA – Armour’s Beach

Well it is always worth packing the paint box and venturing out into the day. The rain only came once in 2 minute sprinkle and the sky, clouds and light were worth the trouble of putting up the umbrella.
When I get near the waterfront  – unless there is a great old boat handy I try and look for other views of interest. This old yellow rose was hanging over the railing at the top of the wharf – and reminded me of the old cottage that used to be on the shore there. Perhaps the pride of someone’s long ago garden. A burst of golden summer color seen from a window that witnessed the tide, sea and weather in all its phases. Nostalgic – imagining the same tidal stretch 100 years ago.

armours (2)



original Painting size 8″x10″  framed in a gold leaf traditional plein air frame.   $420.00 framed


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