Today I will be doing a short Artist presentation at the VPAG ( 12:00 noon)
and discussing the LONGVIEW series and my process.
Here are the main paintings so far. Some still in progress – but you will probably get the idea ;-)


Document Namee

12″ x 36″  “Old Fraser – Pine”     Acrylic on panel


Document Namec

12″ x 48″  “Kalamalka Lake – Pine”     Acrylic on panel

Document Nameb

12″ x 48″    ” Howe Sound – Arbutus”     Acrylic on panel

Document Namea

12″ x 48″  “Fern Gully-Young Maple ”      Acrylic on panel

Document Nameh

12″ x 48″  “Thompson Okanagan – Pine”    Acrylic on panel

Document Nameg

12″ x 48″  “Stillwater – Smuggler’s Cove”   Acrylic on panel


Document Namef

“Mountain Valley RED ”  30″x 90″ Tryptich       Work in progress

Document Named

12″ x 24″  “Okanagan Lights – Pine”    Acrylic on Canvas


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