the Calendar is filling up…

For the past several years I have been “blocking” out my time. Taking on several large projects back to back, painting for exhibition deadlines and teaching scheduled classes – but that doesn’t leave much time for creative respite. I realized as things were overlapping my stress level was going up and the quality of all my efforts was going down. It seems I can do a lot of things – but I can’t do them all at once. Ha Ha  Not superwoman.

So I try to schedule my “blocks” of time way ahead – leaving a little breathing space in between. A couple of months for the best teaching times ( between snowbirds and holidays) travel & holiday time with Brian and family commitments…and studio painting time.

Now the breathing space is filling up too ! but in a good way.

MARCH |  I have been invited to visit Hartley Bay, on the north coast of BC in the middle of the inside passage. A small First Nations community, the Gitga’at are working to restore their Salmon Hatchery and improve public art projects throughout their lovely coastal village full of boardwalk roadways. I will spend a week in March and hope to begin a lasting partnership that provides their youth, local artists and community with technical and creative support. Working on illustrations, teaching and mentoring…and I am planning extra time to paint, sketch and visit the local scene.  This is the stepping off place for the Great Bear Rainforest, and seasonal whale watching.  I will try to do a bit of a daily blog on my journey – but not sure what the internet service is like up there.

APRIL |  After chilling on the north coast I will be heading down south with a few fellow artists to San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato. An artist’s “retreat” there won’t be any formal instruction this trip – but I will be playing creative host and facilitating painting forays and a relaxing stay in this amazing location in Mexico. Dedicated a world heritage center, San Miguel offers the color & character of an old colonial town, with the cultural and urban services of a modern city. Guanajuato is also a spectacular location – impossible to describe. Watch this little video – even if you don’t speak spanish you’ll come away with a deep appreciation of this marvelous and historic city.
People seem to think I go down there every year – but this will be the first visit since 2009.

MAY |  I look forward to a weekend over at the well attended Painters at Painters. Painters Lodge on the coast of Vancouver Island near Campbell River hosts celebrated artists, instructors, students and visitors for a social and instructional gathering. I look forward to a flight over with my pal Sherree Jones from North Van and connecting with a few old and new artist contacts. I will be promoting the Sunshine Coast Plein Air possibilities as well. I will be teaching a bit this month and I think Brian is going to try to attend a bird confab on the Oregon coast with Dad. Really? another birder in my life?!!?

JUNE | Another adventure and plein air artist retreat…this time on Saltspring. And hopefully Brian will be joining us for some quiet time. I will be part of the Botanical Garden “Artist’s Gardens” tour this year June 8th, where I get to talk dirt with the local green thumbs.

that pretty much fills up my summer…add to that time with my wonderful parents, kids and grandson Finn…and that pretty much fills up my life.


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