Step up to the table.

Sit at the Table. 
I read (or listened to) a book recently by Sheryl Sandberg  LEAN IN.  She is CFO of Facebook. Yes. Facebook.

It was mostly about barriers – real and emotional – to success and being taken seriously for women in the workplace.
But SO much of what she had to say made me think of my career. My creative compromises.

I don’t think of myself as a feminist. I just do my job well and expect to be compensated accordingly.
I don’t want to be seen by my gender. Just seen and acknowledged. Recognized as an established professional.
I don’t hang my work in “women’s” shows.  Gender has nothing to do with my work. It should stand alone of its own merit.

I was a low income single mother. I designed and built my own home.
I have a husband – but I live my life as an independent, functioning, responsible individual.
I don’t need to be labeled a feminist. I don’t have to share my “me too” stories. 
needless to say in 40 years of employment I have weathered many confrontations and disadvantages. 

Maybe its age. Maybe experience. Confidence. or stubborn push back.

Nowadays I STEP UP to the table. 
I put forward my skill set and experience and show the client why they should hire me.
Clarify why they are paying me more to do ORIGINAL creative work – not just regurgitate their ideas back to them.

I raise the price – and raise the bar. Challenge them with more than they expected – and demand longer to do it.
I am the one with the skills and experience they are paying for.

So far they have all stepped up to the challenge when I step up to the table. 
and I am SO more satisfied with the results. Financially and creatively. 


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