Spring has Sprung – with creative outflow

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It is hard to stay in the present some days. I have to prepare submissions and plan for events and exhibitions into late 2017. Keeping focused on my daily tasks, classes, studio projects, business chores and wellness, takes up my physical energy. That’s why I don’t usually paint while I am in teaching mode. It doesn’t seem to work when I overlap too much – and with experience (age ;-) comes the wisdom to acknowledge my limitations.
But that doesn’t mean I am not creating.

The big canvasses are primed and ready for paint…they wait patiently in the corner. A large part of my creative process is to collect references, do sketches and look for imagery and color that excites me. There is not time go to the “zone” and spend 6 hours painting (too many interruptions) but an hour every day reviewing old sketches, testing paint applications or simply looking at photos – is an hour well spent. Reading, photographing, experimenting with color on my phone/tablet apps…it all adds to the creative outflow.

I think of it like an ice dam. Creative Outflow.
When the time and conditions are right…all that creative stuff that has acculmulated will spill out onto those big blank canvasses. The ideas and images that have been percolating will come fast and furious – but with more confidence and direction because of my constant input and experimentation process. No creative time is wasted…I have pictures in my mind even while I am doing the dishes.

That explains why it is so hard to answer “how long did that take you?”

Some of the pieces I look forward to exploring this spring/summer are 3-4 years in the making. Parts of one success, elements of old works and inspiration from new sources…all culminate in a new work. I know my materials, have tested the process and developed new techniques to capture that illusive vision. The actual painting may only physically take 3 days work, coming after months of consideration & preparation.

How do you put a price on that ?


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