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Painting days
Well the weather is telling me to stay in today and get some work done. thankfully I have had several really great sunny and misty days to take lots ( that would be hundreds) of photos. So plenty of inspiration and references to start some new work. These are a few of the sketches and thumbnail layouts that I am working on. And the internet connection is down – so even more reason to get the paints out. I will have to post this later.

yes this is a dugout canoe – and that is Tow hill in the background. more about that later.
Composition sketch for the St Mary’s Spring view. Along the highway from Skidegate to Tlell there is a little pull-out and a chainsaw sculpture of a lady. Beside her is a lovely little fresh water spring – and as the story goes “whoever drinks from this spring will return to the islands”.

well of course I drank some – but didn’t really need to ;-)


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