Sedona Plein Air

quick update as I am heading out the door to day 3 of my Plein air workshop with Micheal Chesley Johnson in Sedona Arizona.

Some challenging weather so far – a bit of snow  – a bit of sun – and pretty cold. makes for interesting views and chilly conditions.

the last photo (with the fence) is from the place that we are staying. Sedona is stunning…I would have to call it a head turner and 10 out of 10 on a scale of views…yeah yeah we’ve all heard that. What has surprised me is the proximity of the rocks. Never having seen the actual place I had the impression they were hanging around out on the edges of town – or someplace nearby. But they are SO in your face. Looming over the mall parking lot, and shading the shops, offices and cafes in upper Sedona. There is a divided road past Bell rock…sounds ordinary – but it curves through the most magnificent valley with red rocks, canyons and views all around. It is almost too much to take in from a moving vehicle. I think they must have divided the road because people were running into each other.

there will be more pics soon – but I am busy with the painting workshop (last day today) and then catching up on the great hikes and sights with Brian for a couple of days. Altitude seems to have leveled out for me (no more headaches and feeling much more lucid).

Only problem is trying to remember to download my camera and charge up my batteries so I don’t end up missing the sunset of a lifetime ! What a tremendous place.     and no – I don’t have photoshop here…it really was this color – right out the back door ;-)


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2 Responses to “Sedona Plein Air”

  1. Siobhan Smith February 24, 2012 8:41 pm #

    LOVE the photos and paintings! Surprised to hear that you’ve had chilly weather – I like to imagine that Arizona is hot year round! At least you missed out on the slushy sleet we had in Gibsons today – thankfully it was too mild to actually stick (but it makes me think we should keep the snow tires on the car for at least a few more days, just in case!). Enjoy the painting workshops Jan!

    • Jan February 26, 2012 1:39 am #

      Hi Siobhan – it does gets hot in the afternoon if the sun is out. But in Arizona and Utah it is all about your elevation. the nights in the high desert go down to below freezing – we’ve had one day with a 40 degree temp change ! from 28 to 68F. unheard of on our moderate climate coast.
      sorry to hear about the slush. but keep the snow tires on until late March!…we once got snowed in with visitors for Liam’s birthday on March 21 – it is so tempting to believe it is spring ;-)

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