SC Regional Museum MURAL

Below is a sample gallery of the detailed black & white scratchboard illustrations created for my original mural design “Time Flies”. Commissioned in 2008 by the Sunshine Coast Regional Museum in my home town of Gibsons, BC. Canada. The client requested an image that represented the entire geographical region, and entire history – including First Nations – and Natural History. Research, design, layout & the preliminary sketch for museum approval took almost 2 months. The actual scratchboard illustration (created in “reverse” with a tiny nib-like tool on prepared art boards) was done on six 18″ x 36″ panels. Nine feet long – that finely detailed work took another 2 months.

After scanning these panels at a very high, enlarged resolution, they were printed on exterior DiBond panels and moved to a public space where I spent another month hand coloring them with acrylic paints. The finished art panels were sealed with a UV protective coating, and installed on a custom framework that created a “folded” appearance against the exterior wall.

Historic details from the Mural

Natural History details from the mural border