San Miguel & Guanajuato

CasaCuesta 02San Miguel de Allende  &  Guanajuato  MEXICO

I have just returned (and unpacked) from 16 days artist retreat with 3 friends – we started in San Miguel at Casa Carlitos for 6 nights, 3 nights in Guanajuato and then back to SMA for 5 nights to the little casa and sparkling pool at Casa Joanna.

I took a group of students and a couple of partners to San Miguel several years ago. It was a workshop/tour and took all my physical energy and creative enthusiasm to do the classes, guide the visitors and manage the arrangements for accommodation and transportation. Great experience – but not much opportunity for me to paint and explore this spectacular location.

A fellow plein air artist asked me recently “what is it I want to get out of these tours?” I had to carefully think about my purpose and intention for all this effort. Basically I want to travel, paint, sketch and explore new places. Enjoying time with other artists in my plein air “tribe” is a bonus. So the concept of a “retreat” was VERY appealing.

In this magical historic Mexican location the color and culture soaks through everything you see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Bells, birds, flowers, arches, intense light and shade and unbelievable color. It couldn’t get much more different that our wet winter coast. The great escape.


Lots to do since my return and hundreds of photos to sort and manage. I hope to be adding more to this post with the paintings and stories of our journey – but it might take a while. I’ve recovered from the altitude but still functioning on Mexican time.


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One Response to “San Miguel & Guanajuato”

  1. PaulaArtist May 19, 2014 11:42 am #

    Thanks Jan!! You organized a great trip. We had SO much fun and learned a lot by working alongside of you. Plein air painting AND watercolour is new to me and what a fantabulous addition to my artistic toolbox. I’m looking forward to more plein air and urban sketching adventures.
    Have a fabulous day!

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