Roadtrip – Yakoun Lake

Did a tour into Yakoun Lake and Rennel Sound on Tuesday with Christie from Beyond the Beaten Path tours. The main road a bit rough with potholes but otherwise fine – some logging truck activity to watch out for. Side road into Yakoun Lake was overgrown with alders and side growth, but it looks like the forestry/park folks were there to do some clearing.
after a fabulous easy walk through deep forest with some really large spruce trees, many small flowers and a carpet of tiny ferns, we came through the last trees to the beautiful beach.

strange to walk out of the dark heavy undergrowth and suddenly be on a lovely sandy beach in the blazing sun. It really could not have been a more lovely day of sunshine and still water. With the late spring and summer we were fortunate to still have snow on the distant peaks.
I am familiar with large trees – coming from a rainforest area myself. But these spruce are SO straight right out of the ground, and clear of branches for up to about 50 feet. I am so used to the flaring trunks and sweeping lower branches of the cedars in our southern forest.

little patches of sun find their way through to the forest floor.

This newborn was only about 18 in tall and headed off the road when he froze and pretended to be invisible. His mum was not far away. amazing they can get up and run so soon after birth. He was quite beautiful – we were only sad that we frightened him


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