Roadtrip ARTWORK Jan|Feb|Mar 2012

You can follow the travel adventures on the BLOG pages and this is the artwork that I have done on the journey.

I have uploaded this batch of sketches and paintings as a little “gallery”you can see the thumbnail, and click on it for a larger view with the caption that lists the size, medium and location.

Sketchbook & paintings

I have been using my new sepia & brown Pitt pens and brush pens on this trip, keeping my smallest moleskin sketchbook with me at all times (it fits in my purse) so some of the drawings are done on the spot in cafes, shops, roadside rest stops, hikes and campsites…even one while we were driving.

I also made a custom “giant” moleskin – from an old hardcover sketch book (with poor quality paper that I would never use) and pasted 9×11 sheets of rough 140lb watercolor sheets every three or four pages. It helps protect the paintings within the cover but also keeps them flattened while they dry completely. The extra blank pages have been handy for making color notes on site.

the small acrylics are done on pre-textured (gesso + molding paste rolled for a random texture) masonite panels – that I tint with a ground or underpaint for local color on site. I have a stock of 8×10 and 11×14 panels with me.

Some finished – some still to complete

here is the last of the roadtrip sketches and watercolors