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The Sunshine coast has been described as a “necklace” with attractions and scenic views stretching from Langdale to Lund. As the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl visitors will testify, it is also a mecca of creative offerings in galleries, studios, open markets and events. How fortunate we are to have this organized annual event to highlight and tie us together.

I was considering the breadth of subject & style that is represented across the coast and how it is such a personal, subjective choice of taste & inspiration that moves artists,  art lovers and buyers. Everyone’s taste is different. There is no “right” choice – just a personal preference. From a true representation of a place or subject (realism) to a colorful play of paint & texture (abstract )  there is no comparison of better-vs-worse except in the eyes of each individual. Viewer & Artist . We create and are drawn to, a multitude of various styles and subjects. A very personal choice.

I have been honored to be chosen the cover artist of the upcoming Artists of BC – Volume 4. My realistic still life floral “Protea & Plum” will be seen by a much wider audience. But inside, this publication is bursting with that multitude of various styles and subjects. There are no boundaries of genre or medium, simply a collection of work submitted by artists throughout British Columbia. A “regional” snapshot.

I love the idea of a regional collection, and also realized that this is what I am always explaining to visitors at the Landing Gallery – this is an eclectic mix submitted by our members artists and not restricted by one gallery manager’s selection based on taste or preference. In that respect the Sunshine Coast Artist Co-operative gallery stands alone. It may be small but it packs a powerful creative punch. There is another co-operative gallery in the Trail Bay mall in Sechelt.

I will be working on an article soon about the various gallery offerings that the public has to choose from – Public gallery, Retail gallery and Co-op gallery, Pop-up store or public Market. The difference in what they offer the public and the artist/artisan.

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