Painting time – Queen Charlotte

not much exploring time with a 12 hour day on the brushes yesterday…
but thought I would share a few pics from about town. The Village of Queen Charlotte is scattered along a narrow hillside strip of shoreline with spits and points protruding out into a shallow tidal inlet. At low tide the offshore islands are accessible on foot. The “beach” is a mass of crumbled blackish colored slate like stone, and wraps around the remaining solid ledges and shelves along the tide line.
At low tide patches of long grasses are exposed, some spots muddy some solid. The colors of the seaweed and bright grasses stand out bright against the dark stone. And long undulating rolls of “wrack” seaweed and sea going bits are rolled up to the high tide line.

Throughout town several homes, parks and buildings have these unique cedar/concrete decorative walls.


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