painting in progress – my process.

Part of my online initiative is to provide more content to my followers and audience about my process and provide background to the finished artworks. Inspiration. Preparation. Production. Challenges. 

These short videos are created by layering still shots of the painting.  The sequence of progress shots are photographed in the same light and distance within the studio. The hardest part is remembering to STOP and take a photo while I am in full functioning mode; working quickly, applying glazes on large canvasses, and finding direction out of the random patterns. 

What I can’t show is my thinking. Making choices as I make changes, developing the subjects and decisions about the values and depth as the information becomes more refined. I am trying to keep to the “less is more” premise.  Maintaining that the “less” has to be REALLY right to speak volumes. That requires some distance. stepping away. walking away. taking time out to come back with fresh eyes. That “away” time IS part of my process. 

It is so tempting to get caught up in the surface and the paint application – especially on the larger works. We are working SO close in focus and physical application. Stepping back, being objective and redefining is the hardest job. This is also when I start to leave the photo references and start looking at the PAINTING. 

I hope this “sequence” videos of painting in progress give you an insight into my creative experience – and would love to answer any questions that they inspire ! Feedback on any glitches you may experience would also be valuable and I learn to use yet another online video tool/app.   


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