Painting in California – Dec 2016

We headed down to Palm Springs airport away from the snow & chill here on the coast and found our way to La Quinta. As Brian drove I captured the drama of the sunset and late sun on the distant mountains and violet shadows creeping up the valley. Thank goodness I did – as we did not see the sun for a couple more days – hunkering down in a wind that tore branches and swept grey weather across the land. There was frost in the mornings.

I used that initial inspiration for the planning of the large painting that I was to do for a client. I already had the concept in my head before our departure – so the layout came easily.

“Strelitzia Sunset – Palm Desert”  4 ft x 9 ft (48″ x 108″) Triptych acrylic on canvas 

With a careful layout of painted line work and forms I used thin layers of glaze to cover large areas of sky and mountains and tint the glow of the sunlit clouds. Not the humid atmosphere of the coast…I had to work very quickly as the acrylic dried. I was very pleased to be able to stay on schedule and have the painting hanging in time for their Xmas dinner in this spectacular home.

Project done…off the Joshua Tree 

Several years ago we had a wonderful roadtrip through the Southwest, and one of our favorite places was Joshua Tree National Park. Almost directly East from Los Angeles, this huge park goes from sea level up to 5000 ft elevations and is like an alien landscape. The desert at it’s most wonderful.

We stayed just outside the park gate and enjoyed the silence, stars, coyote song and remote location. Brian saw many new birds on his adventures; cactus wrens, pelicans, vermillion flycatcher and got some great shots of a lizard and huge jackrabbit.

We spent Christmas day walking, birding and painting out at 1000 Palms Oasis.


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  1. jane shinn January 6, 2017 10:47 am #

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My most fave work yet of yours. cheers, j

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