Good ol’ town – Eureka

Eureka CA  is one of my favorite places.
I remember seeing it for the first time back in about 1994 – and purchasing

some wonderful handles and window opening sliders for my salvaged building details on my own home. It is an inspiration to see the work and detail that has gone into the preservation of these old buildings and their creative additions, murals, signage and gardens.

Once a prosperous logging town and port it boasts several theatres and cultural facilities.A fabulous “trompe l’oil” (almost looks real) mural was commissioned for the back

 of the theater. When you see the front of the old building you can understand why.


A great little place – even in the rain.


There is also kind of a strange phenomenon here in the US. With the proliferation of churches and religious dedication (everybody blessing folks,  thanking God and attributing their success and failures to Jesus…) How did they get to sell liqour in the corner store? Sometimes I feel like we have too many restrictions and government controls in Canada. When did we Canucks become so puritanical? Or do they just know that our vices are the best tax bet.  I have to say it is nice to pick up some wine with the gorceries.

But gun sales next to the corner store?

It also seems pretty obvious that where there are guns – there are “adult” porn shops. Usually on the same block. An interesting combination for the holier-than-thou.

As 4 good ‘ol boys in full fatigues load their guns into a truck right outside our hotel window (ironically as I write here at 5:00am…)

I have to  give my head a shake.  What does all this hard fought freedom mean?




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