O Zone event – Day 1 Feb 13

Well – that was a really busy couple of days. Brian (the husband) gave me a hand to get all the stuff out to the OZone site on the bus and Canada Line train. And before wandering off to check out the sights and activities he helped set up my display and table. Weather was awful which actually helped the crowd numbers “in” the BC Street tent. There was photo Ops set up from different areas and activities throughout BC…scuba diver, fisherman, mountain biker…wine drinkers… so that folks could take some fun shots.
The tourism BC folks and volunteers on hand to hand out flags, badges and chat with visitors. Mostly local folks taking avantage of the free activities, and lots of families – so I was really glad to have the coloring corner…it was a big hit.

The crayons were like magnets for the kids and a nice break for the parents. I had coloring sheets with
B & W illustrations from the Museum Mural, and all the west coast critters with information and a little riddle picture on each. I had also rolled up some sheets for them to take home and work on, and the board that I laid out on the table was almost as popular as the sheets…lots of doodling and scribbling.

It was great to see the patriotic enthusiasm in ALL languages…ages…shapes…colors and sizes! SO many folks in red and white shirts, Canada colors, touques, scarves and jackets – cowbells and bear bells ringing.
Pretty chilly and damp – but I was working away and handing out Purple Banner studio tour brochures, and cards to those who had an interest in the Sunshine Coast or the paintings.

People are usually a little shy of asking questions and getting a good close look at the painting while I am working. It seems to be a cultural thing though. Canadians I find, are VERY polite and stand-offish.
The asian visitors however are very curious and vocal. This lady decided it should be a “communal” painting with everyone getting to do a bit…
If I am looking a bit dubious you would be right. She grabbed the brush loaded it up with paint and was blobbling fence blue right over top of a bicycle and the windows of the building.

But lots of fun and no harm done.

Most people ask “how long did that take you ?” so I tell them about 2 hours and 50 years.
That makes them stop and think …and changes their sense of “value” on the hours as opposed to the skill and experience invested.
I see great educational and experiential value in having folks see the painting happening on site…and lots of young folks, kids and students asking questions and getting good experience.

Most folks are simply amazed and say things like ” look she is actually painting that picture !” or ” did you just draw that ?”
It always reaffirms how fortunate I am to have a skill that most others would never experience and have little familiarity with. I will put the images in of the paintings that were completed on site.


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  1. Coralie February 18, 2010 8:56 am #

    "so I tell them about 2 hours and 50 years" – perfect response Jan!

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