O Zone – Day Two artist on location

The crowd on Sunday Feb 14 transformed from a mixed crowd to later in the afternoon families celebrating the Chinese News Year…beautiful traditional costumes on the children and drums and festivities.
The sun was out and lots more visitors to the Tourism BC “street” tent.
I gave out packages of art cards to visitors who voiced an interest in the Sunshine Coast and my paintings, many brochures for the Purple Banner studio tours, and over 400 sheets of B & W illustrations for the children to color.
The crayons were the high point of the day. Lots of fun for young & old.

My table consisted on a “colouring Zone” for the kids to use crayons and pick up rolled up pages to take home and colour. I have a binder with photos of several public art projects, painting plein air on location and illustration samples. I reserved a space at the end for my palette, water and brushes – and managed to keep it out reach of little hands. The posters mounted on the wall behind my table are my own photos that correspond with the 4 canvasses that I painted on site.

The Tourism BC volunteers were very energetic and helpful for me throughout the day, and we were visited by several local Richmond polititians, thanking us profusely for our efforts and activities. Not as many international visitors as I had anticipated but lots of folks who recognized Molly’s Reach from the long running CBC television series the “Beachcombers”. Lots of laughter and discussion of how old we were to have seen the original production or later re-runs.

My good friend Linda Williams represents the Sunshine Coast Tourism Association and is a tireless volunteer for the arts and music on the coast. She had her hands full of flags, and fun posting pins on the global map of visitors located in the BC Street tent at the O Zone.


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