NOV 2018. its been a bloggin long time

I have the reputation in our household as having the patience of a saint when it comes to technical stuff on the computer – I am the resident Geek. I had committed to myself to post and blog all about my travels and painting adventures in Italy throughout May 2019 – and started out with gusto (italian word btw…) as you will see from the previous posts.

Unfortunately I was trying to do the work from my (not so smart) phone and without reliable internet and wi-fi. I finally hit a wall and gave up – to much better enjoy my travel and painting adventures! without waving the phone around looking for a signal, swearing and stamping my feet a lot.

That technical travelling pause…………….. seems to have left me stuck in limbo here on the blog – but I didn’t give up altogether. I did start using INSTAGRAM as a substitute for Facebook/Twitter/Blog  posts and I really prefer it. A much more visual format and colorful display of my work. It has its limitations in square presentation of images (and most of my paintings are long/wide) but I am finding there’s an app for that ;-)

I thoroughly enjoy a few minutes every day or so scrolling through other artists work that I “like”. It seems to have brought me some interesting new “followers” and drawn attention from international folks and neighbors down the street. It is SO much easier to post directly from my phone – which is my great camera and is with me ALL the time.

With so many choices in platforms to post, display and share our news and promotions it is hard to decide.
I am also in limbo as I seek gallery representation AND/OR decide on a website upgrade with a “store”.
More on that in the next blog post.  Let’s get back into this in small bites ;-))


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