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After several years of hosting visitors to our Verandah Show in the spring, and Crawlers in October for the SC Art Crawl we had a long think and considered our options. We liked having visitors to the house/studio – but not the disruption that results. It takes me a week to set up, taking over the main floor of our living space & kitchen, moving furnishings and art collections off the walls and shelves, cleaning and hanging all over the verandah and interior. And then a week to take it all down again. Twice a year = Exhausting.
       However, making better use of our existing space – comes at a price. (and not just the cost of renovations) It had to begin at the very back of the very back of the crawlspace storage. So it actually started last July, like a chain reaction. if you move something – there had better be a place to put it. (things had been in storage since I built the house 20 years!) If it is not used – then get rid of it right?…easier said than done. Boxes of wood flooring, old derelict BBQ, Huge old sofa and tv cabinet. Where to take it? Rent a truck…how & who to lift it…?
       Finally called for a disposal truck – and presto – it comes with 2 sturdy guys! Hard to describe the wonderful feeling of lightness and relief watching that huge load of STUFF head off up the road. Well worth the cost. I made endless trips to the dump, the thrift store and recycling. Offered salvaged building materials to friends and appliances, books & kitchen stuff to kids & neighbors. (the puzzled look on my stepson Tim’s face when I offered him an ironing board ;-) ha ha ha . New storage and shelving in the crawlspace, sturdy bins with labels and new boxes for seasonal gear. (from xmas decor to canning jars, ski boots to kayak paddles) A simple pleasure now dealing with the christmas decorations. (previous occasion of major meltdowns, head bumping and much colorful language)
I am a visual person. It is easy for me to come up with designs, plans and grand schemes for all manner of creative spaces & structures. In my head. Out of my head onto paper – also easy. Trying to keep to the budget and find a tradesman with the time to make it happen…not so easy.
       It was serendipitous that my former framer/builder came up in conversation one day with a mutual friend. So I tracked him down and 20 years after the initial roof raising he put crowbar, chisel and finally jackhammer to work punching a gaping hole in the foundation – and a blessing upon him. Now the winter sun streams in (through the double glass doors) we have a level entry patio, closeup of the garden and long view of the islands and sea. An unexpected bonus.
So we’re almost done and will be opening MARCH Friday March 1st.
check out the upcoming classes and workshhops – and we look foward to your visit!


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