NEW Giclee reproductions

NEW Giclee reproductions on canvas

With the growing collection of large paintings (preparing for my GPAG exhibition in NOV 2016) I have decided to offer canvas reproductions of some images. Most of the current paintings in are a long horizontal format.

The original paintings are scanned at a very high resolution and printed with archival inks. They can be mounted on a deep stretcher ready to hang or on a regular stretcher that looks great in a simple frame.

Working with a local printer here on the Sunshine Coast – these are 100% canadian made ;-) and a great alternative if you can’t afford the original painting – or if you would like an even LARGER piece to fit your space.

I will have a display of the new Giclees at the upcoming ART CRAWL Oct 21-23 or contact me to visit the studio.


As a printmaker – original etchings, linocuts etc – you won’t hear me calling these “prints”
They only exist as a photographic replication of my original painting. Although the painting may have sold long ago – I still retain the rights to use the image – that is my Copyright. I will only be creating giclee reproductions of my large paintings – as they are not meant to compete with the sale of my small original works – approximately the same price. The Gilcee’s are generally about 25-30% of the price of the original painting – depending on the size ordered.

The advantage of the new (20 years old)  Giclee and digital print technology – is that it is now possible and economical to order and produce only 1 print to a specified size. With traditional plate/lithographic print services – a large print run would need to be ordered to make it cost effective. (Hence Bateman “limited” editions of 2000 paper reproductions) I am not a fan of artists, galleries and dealers who represent paper “reproductions” as something far more valuable that the $2.50 each that they cost to produce. It was a scam when it started back in the 80’s and it is still disheartening to see collectors spending their dollars on these fabrications instead of support new artists and purchasing original  artwork.

OK – that is my rant.
I think of printmaking as art for the people – creating multiple images that can be collected and enjoyed by many – as opposed to one person purchasing the only original painting. I will only be doing a selection of images from my large paintings – and making sure the reasonable pricing is within my own control.

I will be creating a new SHOP on the website (in 2017 at this rate)
and offering a variety of  Giclee sizes/formats at a fixed price.


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