Natural Patterns

 Mixed media painting series

I am currently working on a series of mixed media paintings and graphic studies based on patterns created by natural forces.

The patterns capture and reveal the results of dynamic energy combined with physical law. Natural forces and combinations of material, growth, pressure and flow create unique patterns that occur on a global scale. From Tasmania to Siberia– the crystals freeze, the water flows and the mud cracks in these familiar patterns. Examples include: clouds, river networks, drainage & erosion, sand dunes, snow flakes, crystals, lightning, flower growth, blood vessels, branches, leaf veins and ocean waves.

The consistency of these natural rhythms of growth exists according to conforming rules of physical laws. Gravity. Resistance. Mass. Force. Momentum. Energy. Throughout history these patterns have been recognized in art and design; from petroglyph cave art to the Golden mean of Grecian architecture and the paintings of Leonardo daVinci. Modern artists are using new digital technology to create contemporary fractal art.

Natural patterns are based on several standards of dynamic growth & distribution

Meander / Fracture  / Branching / Fractal growth

I believe humans find an intangible, unconscious comfort in these patterns. They occur all around us and we recognize them without deep analysis or consideration. My paintings and prints celebrate the unique quality and elemental beauty of these intricate and complex patterns.

Natural Pattern Gallery

NATURAL PATTERNS can be viewed in a vertical or horizontal format.