looking for inspiration.

I love to visit a new place and explore. Always with a view to sketching or painting, I often stop the car in unexpected places to grab a few photos – either the light, the subject or the activity has caught my eye – and a camera is the best way to grab the moment. A capture. A frame of time. A glimpse of life.

Not quite the same when you are not the driver.
Thankfully I quickly asked Brian to stop the car – in this spot. Could have passed it so quickly on route to another destination. Often thinking that I could go back there painting another time…I simply make a note on my map for future reference. (VERY helpful when you are exploring or just arrived in a travel destination – you often don’t know where you are – and the map is SO important later) But I did ask him to pull over. And took some valuable photos of the light…the color and the wonderful view.

I did go back the next day. When I had lots of time and all my paint supplies (sunscreen and bug spray applied) to sit and work here in the sun. I was dreaming about it in the morning before I set out.
Came around the corner to overlook the bay, and a grand disappointment…The boat was gone, the tide was high and there was no sunny sparkles or even anything interesting about the scene at all. It was kind of shocking.

SO glad that I had the photos to review on my return to the studio. And here is the result.
Not plein air – but hopefully a little slice of sparkling summer sea to share with you.

9” x 12″ transparent Watercolor on rough Arches paper


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