Day 7 Huronia…above and beyond

This roadtrip from Montreal to Midland/Toronto has been mainly so that my Mum could visit with two of  her sisters. All originally from NDG, they are not as mobile as they used to be and this was a great opportunity to help them connect. The fact that it takes in some fabulous natural scenery and some “side”  time for me to paint is a bonus.
Once in Midland I met up with some local painters on Sunday morning  (through the Huronia Foundation for the Arts online forum…) and we had an exceptional day of weather and creative energy out at Balm Beach.
Deb Grise (Gallery studio in Pentang), Patty Thom (new to Tiny) and Heather Collins ( retired illustator)

I went out extra early to catch the dawn rise – but also managed to capture the harvest moon sinking into the blue horizon. The farms and pastoral scenery around Penatanguishene (Penatang to the locals…) is wonderful and the vintage brick and victorian  buildings in all the towns have great character. Definitely not the west coast.


After a very full day I drove up to my lakeshore stay at Severn Lodge. Exceeding all expectations…with an upgrade to a waterfront unit, finished 3 paintings, a swim and a hot jacuzzi. life is good. I will get photos of all the paintings so far for the next post.
A boat trip scheduled for Georgian Bay – paint all day tomorrow…early start.



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