Eagle feather and shadows.

Painting this morning – headed down to Franklin Beach…and I mean “down” a lot of stairs.
Behind a huge bluff, of no particular interest as the light came up behind it, except for the heavy angular shadow that it cast across the sloping beach stones. Long shadows all the way. You gotta love the early light.

6″ x 8″ Oil on Panel  “Franklin Beach – Shadows 01”

As I was packing up, taking a couple of shots of the site – there under my stool was a huge eagle feather. Many bald eagles in the area, roosting and cruising the shoreline. A Great Blue Heron perched on the stone beyond the point, and a flock/family of  handsome Merganzers paddling nearby. Sealions slapping the water near the distant Paisley islands. The tide slowly, silently rising. Lovely, warm, sunny and peaceful.



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