Do many paintings

Taking a break from pulling weeds and pruning – to catch the sun in the lower garden.

“Orange barrow-backlight”   9″x12″ Oil on board / Plein Air

I was reading a blog post from another plein air painter Brian Stewart and he offers a great list of tips for plein air and painting in general I think. One of the things I read while doing my web browsing was to do many paintings – the best ones will rise to the surface… you can’t expect excellent results every time.The more painting you do the more likely you will grow your skills and get some satisfying results. SO…I took this sage advice to heart, closed the computer, grabbed my box and headed all the way out to the porch ;-) to capture the morning light on my favorite overlook.

“Morning light – Savannah 558″  8″x10” Oil on board / Plein Air

The local kids call it “the savannah”.  It is their wilderness and grassy playground for imaginary exploration and adventures. Simply the empty lot across the road. From now on – if you see 558 in the title – that means it is at/from our home and garden.

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