Dec 8 afternoon – Pompeii (from Naples)

Dec 8 morning – Pompeii  (from Naples)

I had to break this post into 2 parts.
What an amazing day of light, history and stone we shared.

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Not the petrified corpses that Pompeii advertised. But the moments of daily tasks and chores frozen in place.  The vessels for storing product in the shops. The display counters from the merchant shelves. A grinder for grain.  A terracotta jar for oil. I can hear the voices in the streets. See the rain run in the gutters, and the olives in the trees. Smell the kitchen fires and the horses.
2000 years of stillness.

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The structure UNDER the floors of the upper class buildings .
Roman slaves maintained fires in adjacent rooms to create forced air to heat the stone floors

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The Roman sidewalk. Raised above the stone roadway built of a standard width to allow the passage of chariot wheels. Footsteps in sandals. Centuries of wheels that wore down the stone in lines throughout the town. Stone steps. Stone walls. Stone roads.

06_Pompeii (18)

06_Pompeii (5)

The lovely mosaic courtyard and pillars. Autumn colors and another year passed.06_Pompeii (6)


06_Pompeii (7)

I like to imagine the stone cracked under the heat or crash of missiles from the Volcano.
Vesuvius. Still looming large beyond the city. The original peak only imagined in the distant haze.

06_Pompeii (8) 06_Pompeii (9)

The pressure of so many feet. hundreds of years walking these steps.
wearing down the stone. The time in this single thing stirs my soul.

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