day 9 MLH – Kalamalka Lake

Been VERY busy in the studio the last couple of days. But yesterday Brian & I took a walk up to Kalamalka Lake park – just around the corner from Mackie House. What a spot.

It is impossible to describe the color of this lake. The rim of the lakeshore glows an emerald green (limestone chemistry with the warming weather) but the blue sky reflection is so dramatic. Not like our wet coast water at all. Perhaps too it is the color relationship – the heat of red pines and bluffs of golden stone against the radiant blues.

day9_Kal_lake01rattlsnk Point


We are fortunate to be 5 minutes drive (or a very fine morning walk) away from Kalamalka Lake park. beautiful trails and beaches for all to access. And looking back from the crest of Rattlesnake Point the view takes in both side of the lake.

rattlsnk pt pano


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