Day 8 Severn Falls and Coldwater drive

It began as a search for an ATM machine. Started my journey after painting near the Severn Lodge marsh and a great woodland walk on their trails. I had booked a water taxi for the next day out on Georgian Bay – and needed to pay in cash. Rumour has it there is an ATM  in Severn Falls. A spectacular drive along the waterways and woodland marshes – and lots of photo stops.


The Severn Falls marina store wasn’t open for Monday. go figure. So on to Coldwater – and a complete change of scene. Rolling hills, original century old farms and rivers edge  fishing locations. Bait for sale. Guys along every bridge and landing… my husband Brian tells me it is Pickerel that they are fishing for – a tasty treat that I shall have to track down another day.


Although I couldn’t find a much needed cup of coffee anywhere in Coldwater – I did find the TDbank machine…and everthing I could ever want at the Home Hardware. A couple of blocks long collection of vintage 1906-1910 era buildings, Coldwater was a nice surprise on this unplanned journey. Back in time for a great dinner at the Severn lodge and a little sunset. A beaver slicing through the calm reflection as I looked out for the last time in the growing dark.


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