Day 5 MLH – Dawn & History

This is what I do when I get up at 5am. The light is fantastic. The shadows even better. Small monochrome watercolor sketch in my moleskin 3.5 x 6 inches. And  yes I will paint my chair shadows another day ;-)


Dawn is my favorite time. The lake shines with glowing golden reflections of the bluff streaked with brilliant blue light across the surface. The lake changes all day. This one section of view at the foot of the lawn still gives me a sense of the original lakeshore – that Paddy Mackie must have so enjoyed from his bench.



Mackie House 1910 at the center – with the tall white chimneys. The Barn on the right still stands, the further “sister” house (just right of Mackie house) burnt down in the 1960’s. It was all orchard and farms on this hillside outside of Vernon.

Today’s view across Kalamalka Lake.
Everybody wants a water view. Enough said.

Kal_pano 01


and for those lovers of blue…this is in the corner of my studio room.
Now I will sign off for a couple of days – just to paint. No computer.


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