Day 2 Mackie House

let me show you around…


What I find interesting is the kind of things that existed here on the lakeshore – in what what was a pretty rugged part of the country back then – 1910. Things that were ordered, shipped, carried and acquired locally by the families. Dainty furnishings and glowing, sumptuous objects – in ironic contrast to the bleak bare grassland hills.


Today’s kitchen (right –  newly renovated)  is also a dramatic contrast to the equiptment available back in the day. Glad that I don’t have to iron all the linens after boiling them in a copper and wringing them in some crazy contraption.


day2_lilac hedge

My favorite view so far. And a heady scent on a warm afternoon. The Lilac hedge is about 15 ft high and  200 ft long with a large park acreage on the other side. Both properties go down the hill to the lakeshore.


My favorite spot – In & Out of the house…the bright and airy screened porch has seen some serious tea parties lately. Scones, cream, strawberries and dainty china. Pinkies UP!


It is hard to describe the light. It is a house FULL of large windows – and the glowing shine penetrates deep in through the rooms. The storm windows and occasional gust remind me that there is a deep winter in the valley – and I bet they hunkered down with all the fireplaces aglow on dark snowy days. We are fortunate in May to have fresh breezes and enjoy light filled days.


the Woodwork. Rich fir panelling with crisp white trim, relief friezes and sparkling dishes, copper and silverware. Every room is full of treasures & memories. Many of the paintings gracing the walls are watercolors by Paddy Mackie – the benefactor of this cultural gem.


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