Day 12 MLH – plein air picnic

OK strawb

The strawberries here are as big as my head ! Had a lovely picnic under the walnut tree (dropping flowers on us) and enjoyed an day of painting and discussion.


McK picnic


jan_on site PA

How many pairs of glasses can one woman wear…?


well – what do you expect if you leave the gate open…?


Hi Jinks at the picnic table. What a lovely afternoon.


The mystery GAS PLANT. Pink variety.

IMG_0017 IMG_0012

Ann makes a start on one of her large oil canvasses

nn Willsie & friends Elizabeth & Sheila came to enjoy a plein air day.

IMG_0004  Gale on site

We now have documented proof that Gale Woodhouse was seen painting.
Not a speck of clay in sight ;-)


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