Crossing the flats

From Tlell the highway cuts a straight slash across the island to port Clement. The interior landscape here quite a different forest and boggy low lands. It is SO green. the photos just don’t do it justice. Beautiful grassy ponds, streams and bog edges in contrast to craggy & stunted pine tree forms in the landscape. Stopped at Mayer lake and again suprized by a jewel of color hidden in the forest.

While I was stooping at the edge with my toes in the mud (I have my serious gumboots for exploring) to take a long shot of the waterlilies, I noticed movement in the water at my feet and looked down to find a squirming mass of tadpoles at the lakes edge. No legs yet for these newbies.

The water in the streams and lakes here is stained like dark red-brown tea ( from the natural tannin in the water) and makes an amazing blend of color with the sun and blue sky reflecting.


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