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Canyons and Beyond

Day 41 Feb 23 Thurs Depart Williams AZ – and on to Marble Canyon just not enough hours in the day or days in the month…or months in this holiday. We were SO hoping to go east to Canyon de Chelly (heard great things about it) but we don’t want to have to add another […]

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Canyon bound – leaving Arizona

Day 39 Feb 21 Tuesday Departing SEDONA short drive to FLAGSTAFF (7000ft altitude!) looking out at the sunrise, bluebirds and hot air ballons over the red rocks of Sedona. A pretty spectacular place even on a dull day. We have been so fortunate in our location here…walk out the back door and into the pristine […]

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Painting on location. Sedona

Well it is always a challenge to work on location anywhere – but if you can dress for it and anticipate the weather – and keep your digits warm it can be the most rewarding experience. I find the direct views and demand for speed working under outdoor conditions creates a “looseness” and freedom that […]

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Sedona Plein Air

quick update as I am heading out the door to day 3 of my Plein air workshop with Micheal Chesley Johnson in Sedona Arizona. Some challenging weather so far – a bit of snow  – a bit of sun – and pretty cold. makes for interesting views and chilly conditions. the last photo (with the […]

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Roadtrip artwork

I have posted a little GALLERY of the sketches and paintings so far. enjoy

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Long Shots – landscape & details

One of my favorite formats for photos and paintings is 1 x 3.  A long horizontal view. It gives such a sense of space and distance – so much more that a regular format photogragh. I wanted to share these shots-and there are quite a few- and bring you along on our journey. I can’t […]

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Found the sun. Tubac AZ

I realised I had not actually posted any of the sketches/paintings so far. I HAVE been getting some creative work done ! just trying to stop and photograph them and get them organized for computer is one more thing (that feels too much like work perhaps…) so go HERE to see the roadtrip artwork to […]

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Arizona welcomes you

Well I think I know where all the money in the US is tied up… there are millions of $ in RV campers and buses just outside Quartzsite AZ – just parked out in the desert by the thousands. Nothing to see. nothing to do. Sitting in the blazing sun. Some of them with the […]

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Good ol’ town – Eureka

Eureka CA  is one of my favorite places. I remember seeing it for the first time back in about 1994 – and purchasing some wonderful handles and window opening sliders for my salvaged building details on my own home. It is an inspiration to see the work and detail that has gone into the preservation […]

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Welcome to California

Actually it has taken more than a few days to get here…with some internet issues along the way…but here are some pics and tales from our travels so far. Roadtrip Poynter/McKenney Day 1       Saturday Jan14   to Portland headed off the Sunshine Coast on the 8:20 ferry Saturday morning – after much […]

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