Box is signed…

Usually that means that it is finished…but I will have to do some finishing cloud-sky color on the top after we remove the tarp cover. Weather forcast good for Wednesday – so that may be the big day for final paint and clear coat also.
This is Donald, my studio assistant – he helps out while I am busy painting, showing the sketches to the visitors and tourists, and pointing out all the details around the box. This only happens between kite flying and bike riding – he is a very busy fellow. His parents have Lam’s restaurant across the street – nice hot welcome wonton after a damp, chilling morning on the roadside.

this is another one of my regular visitors…she/he wanders around checking out the latest creative additions. Flys away if she is not impressed. everyone’s a critic. it was funny when I found her it reminded me of the job I used to do for giftware design. The owner insisted in putting a ladybug on just about everything (sculpted and painted in resin) and here she was on my big box – modeling perhaps looking for her big break.
I have set up to paint and teach in the Community Club building here in the Village of Queen Charlotte. you can see the water right beyond the park/playground outside the window and today the Farmer’s Market if on – so fresh cheese and tomatoes from Tomato Island Joe. He comes in on his boat from one of the small offshore islands – has a greenhouse to grow them this far north.

and one of my frequent visitors – the raven has now made its way onto the other end of the box from the eagle. More photos tommorrow of the finished work…too much rain this morning to stay on site.


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