BOWEN Island Workshop

OPUS workshop on BOWEN ISLAND  June 4/5
Step Up & Out with Acrylic

Had a great sunny weekend of painting, flowers, chocolate and exploring Bowen.
9 painters enjoyed the spectacular site at the “farm” over the 2 days of painting, hosted by Opus owner David & Aubin Van Berkel.

After meeting at the central tent for discussion and back for lunch the artists explored the hillside of roses, vineyard and orchards, even down to the pond.

With glorious light and quick drying glazes I was inspired by the pink poppies and then we caught some afternoon shade and finished with a quick demo of mid-tone ground and opaques. I also went

out VERY early on Sat morning – before teaching at 11 am – to capture the morning light on the old truck. (I discovered the truck on the last visit to Bowen) and had some company (Ungulate) there.

I started these paintings on site but will finish both of these larger canvasses in the studio – the bold line work and color glazes work done on site give a great foundation for my creative choices.


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