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3:pm desktop

aug 12.09 3pm. can’t seem to get away from the desk today. finished 3 paintings in the studio that I started on location…and got them wired up and written up and delivered to the gallery. (ahhh the joy of acrylic paint) I have some lovely jars that I brought home from Mexico that bring some […]

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2: am lily composition sketches

aug 11. 2amLily comp sketches Most of all I use my sketchbooks for layouts of the paintings that I am thinking about. If they are from photos – I keep track of where to find them again (caption numbers). I have thousands of reference pics on storage CD’s. Using the format of the canvas that […]

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1:pm hummingbird

Aug 10. 09 Hummingbird. saw this fellow in distress in the garden a couple of days ago. Found his little body while painting the house trim yesterday. Could have been a cat… or a window…or just natural causes. amazing to think of the energy that was held in these tiny bones and feathers, organs and […]

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8:am hallstand – morning light.

hallstand – morning light. we don’t technically have a hall…but front and center at the entry is this old dark oak piece.It has held everything from hats, kids snowsuits to wedding clothes and is a place to drop whatever is at hand. at present my dirty old garden gloves and cell phone. the twisted cane […]

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9:42 am vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park gardens the sprinklers were going all over the lower gardens so I found a cliff-side bench. the rocks in the foreground reminded me of the asian natural stone sculptures…like a miniature mountain that mirrored the rugged face of this old quarry. the prominent thing was the beautiful blue spruce that was lit […]

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9:30 am Jelly Bean

waiting in the tire place. slow leak. great old penny candy vending machine. lots of color for the jelly beans that doesn’t show in a sketch.

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2:00 pm Mandolin

mandolin shadow an old broken mandolin that won’t hear any music again but makes a wonderful model.

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SKETCH crawl – Vancouver

I am looking for more information about the dates and meeting times for a SKETCHCRAWL group in Vancouver BC. Started by Enrico Casarosa, in San Fransisco, it has become a World Wide event: having people from different corners of the world join in a day of sketching and journaling and then, thanks to the Internet, […]

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DAILY SKETCH – journal

JULY 22. 10: am a quick sketch from the beach at Buttle Lake – while I dried off from a welcome swim. The waterfall was fabulous despite the lack of rainfall, and the sandy bar was so nice to pull the canoe up on with a great view of the falls. mostly rocks and rugged […]

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PORTRAITS by Jan Poynter

Traditional and personal portraitsworked directly from subject and photos. Graphite on paper, Pastel on paper or board,Watercolor on paper, Acrylic on canvas or board.Sizes range from 11″ x 14″ up to 30″ x 40 The cost for a comissioned portrait includes: meeting with the subject / discussion on location Studio lighting / first sitting posed […]

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