Arrival – Haida Gwaii

Clear skies for my departure flight out of Vancouver, gave me a great view of my own hometown of Gibsons Landing. These are the islands of Howe Sound (originally charted and named by Capt Vancouver) The islands include: Bowen, Gambier and Keats, and beyond the long fiord that extends up to Squamish – the route to Whistler. I was amazed to see the new clearing above my own home, for a new development. You don’t consider how large a space when you see the earth movers on the ground day after day. My arrival into Sandspit was a bumpy one with 80km tailwind – but that explains the fabulous rugged trees that surround the airport. No longer in the sheltered coast of the south, the character of the trees give a totally new perpective to this coastal landscape and I look forward to sketching and painting them. And look at all that low tide to explore…not exactly beach, but tiny chunks of the local stone. Much of the inside of Hecate Straight is a shallow, tidal passage. I could see from plane what looked just like tropical atolls and spits way out in the middle of the open water. The remains of an earlier glacial passage.

tidal stone at Village of Queen Charlotte
Spent the first day exploring and had a meeting with the local town council to present some information about the weeks ahead. While the new website doesn’t seem to be functioning – Daily updates will be found at

Aahhh – the challenges of new technology. large sigh.
enjoyed the late light (more north than home) and a walk back along the low tide. Eagles, old wrecks, small walls of seaweed, and moon shells.
must get some more sleep – more info tommorrow.


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