AIR – day 1 Mackie House

Day 1 at Mackie House.

arrived to meet our House manager Christine at 11:00 am and had a wonderful tour and historical dialog about the house, grounds, barn & artifacts. There will be paintings of Copper Kettles coming – maybe not with this landscape series ;-) but there are so many glowing golden red vessels…dented tarnished and otherwise.

After deciding on the best space for the “studio” (all the rooms are historically decorated with books, momentos, ceramics and Paddy Mackie’s own unique pottery.) we unloaded the car and settled in. Brian did a small birding foray and I walked the lilac bordered fence line to the lakeshore.The scent quite heady in the growing heat. There will be swimming – but today just back to the house for a quick nap, and checking computer hook ups etc.

Christine indulged us with leftovers from the Mothers day gathering yesterday – scones, strawberries & jam, cucumber sandwiches etc. Nice treat before we get our first load of groceries. A newly  renovated industrial kitchen – not in keeping with the rest of the historic decor – but serves the many events and occasions very well.
Here is the “other” stove and some views of the interiors. The light is wonderful, high ceilings and generous windows – and the floor (squeaky creaky) is quite musical. Grandfather Clock quietly chiming. It feels like we have stepped back in time. I will also post some of the historic photos of the house – before bringing you up to date with my visit.

mackie house


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