GICLEE printing

GICLEE (pronounced “Jee-clay“) is a 12 color ink jet printing process that uses archival (lightfast) inks – as opposed to the traditional 4 color dot screen printing for large orders. Using high resolution digital files, Giclee can produce a single print with rich and vibrant colors. This new technology enables the artist to offer economical, single item, custom size reproductions of their original paintings – printed on acid free paper or canvas.

The original oil & acrylic paintings represented in my Giclee series are sold. I own the copyright to reproduce my images and before going off to their new homes, each of the paintings was captured (scanned or photographed) at very high resolution. Carefully matching the color to the original – the printer uses this digital file to print crisp, clear detail up to x3 times the original size.

I only offer a limited range of images as Giclee reproductions. The original paintings were large to Ex large and not something that would fit everyone’s space or budget. These canvas giclees are an affordable way for my clients to order the size of an exclusive work of art to fit their budget and wall space. (my Giclee images retail at 25-30% of the original painting value)

I am currently working on a gallery of my available GICLEE reproductions images
with updated 2018-2019 pricing for a variety of sizes.
Please be patient !