6 am – 2pm Vancouver

9: am Aug 15
Vancouver’s Chinatown.
The corner of Gore & Keefer is a buzz of activity any time after 8 am. The vendors working to clean and prepare the displays of veggies and fruit on the sidewalk stands.
The awnings and colorful dragon lamp posts make the whole scene quite unique.
I was killing time on my way to join a heritage walking tour in the old Strathcona neighborhood.

8 am Downtown Vancouver
sitting in the coffeeshop
it ia always a bit of a culture shock getting me out of the rural home setting and down to the city center.
Seems ironic that this full size fibreglass replica of a bull is also a little out of place on the street corner.

6:20 am
B C Ferry. Langdale to Horseshoe Bay
Don’t have to commute any more – but I am used to having a few more folks on the ferry in the morning. a 40 minute trip to Horseshoe Bay across Howe Sound – but what a view!


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